Brendan Beirne

Nikon-Walkley News Photography

News Corp Australia

“Bondi Biffo”

Beirne was waiting in Bondi, aiming to get a shot of casino mogul James Packer with his rumoured new girlfriend Miranda Kerr. But he got much more than he bargained for – the set of pictures everyone wanted. Beirne captured a series of action shots as Packer and his friend David Gyngell grappled in the street until Packer’s staff managed to separate the pair. As Beirne himself said when submitting his entry, “It’s not every day Australia’s richest man is snapped brawling with his best mate in the streets of Bondi.” But it takes a news photographer’s instincts, timing and, yes, a dash of luck, to nail an exclusive news story like this one.

Judges’ comments: “These amazing pictures will be around for years to come. Brendan Beirne displayed pure skill – not sheer luck – to get these photos. He could see something was going to happen and put himself in the situation. The result was a terrific get and a set of photos that went global, used by media outlets around the world. Great photojournalism.”

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James Packer and David Gyngell brawl outside James House in Bondi.


















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