Chris Hopkins

Nikon-Walkley Feature/Photographic Essay

SBS Online Documentaries

“My Name is Yunus”

Chris Hopkins captured moments in the new life of a Rohingya refugee in Australia for SBS’s innovative Instagram documentary She Called Me Red. In an urban gothic style, Hopkins helps us meet and understand Mohamad Yunus, who has fled genocide for the relative safety of suburban Melbourne, where he encounters a whole new set of challenges. What the future holds for Yunus is unseen, but his commitment to family, his persistence in staying strong and his dreams of becoming a leader within the broader Australian community are a testament to those given a second chance.

Chris Hopkins is a freelance photojournalist based in Melbourne. He has covered humanitarian issues for a variety of publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, UNHCR, SBS and Amnesty International.

Judges’ comments

Chris Hopkins has captured an amazing intimacy with this series. It’s a beautiful full package for an independent story. His use of available light shows a level of patience with his subject and a great technical ability with his camera. There are images in the essay that are not only quirky to the eye but also emotive. As a viewer you can feel the essence of his subject through the essay.

My Name is Yunus

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