Jenny Evans

News Photography

Getty Images and The Daily Telegraph

“Life Saver”

Jenny Evans’ series of photos shows a swimmer in dire trouble at Bronte Beach. It’s a classic news narrative and quintessentially Australian, and yet something that is captured by photojournalists extraordinarily rarely. Evans told she was down at the beach trying to catch shots of the surf and whales and realised something wasn’t right when she scanned the beach and saw a young woman being swept out by a rip.

Fortunately, two lifeguards were on hand to rescue the drowning woman. In her entry statement, Evans describes rip currents as the number one hazard on Australia’s coastline. “They account for more deaths per year than sharks, floods and cyclones combined.”

Jenny Evans’ successful career as a freelance photographer has spanned 18 years. She specialises in breaking news and sport, but her passion lies in visual storytelling. She won first place in the World Press Photo awards for sport feature stories, in a joint entry with her husband Mark Evans. This is her first Walkley Award.

Judges’ comments

This is an amazing set of pictures. It’s a dramatic story and Jenny Evans has captured the moment in every shot, really split-second moments that add up to a great news series.


A woman screams and raises her arm as she is caught in a rip at Bronte Beach in Sydney during very rough surf conditions.

A lifeguard rescues a woman from the raging surf where she came dangerously close to drowning after being caught in a rip.

 A lifeguard rescues a woman from the raging surf.

 A woman, too weak to stand, is assisted by lifeguards and concerned onlookers after being rescued.

A distraught woman is assisted by a lifeguard after being rescued from the raging surf.