Wolter Peeters

Sport Photography

Fairfax Media

Rowing competitors from around the world gather at Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith to compete in the 2013 Sydney International Rowing Regatta. This seven-day event gives younger school-age rowers an opportunity to compete alongside the sport’s elite. Competitors begin their day before dawn, and by sunrise many are already on the lakes to prepare themselves for the competition ahead.

With this photograph, Peeters set out to portray the dedication and business of the competitors, with a clean, well-composed image that encapsulates the atmosphere and beauty at this frantic time of day.

Peeters has been a professional photographer since 1997, joining Fairfax Media in 1999. After a start on Fairfax community newspapers in western Sydney, he began working for The Sydney Morning Herald in 2009. He has covered a range of news, editorial and sports events across Australia and internationally, including the 2011 riots at Villawood detention centre, 2012 floods in Queensland and northern NSW, and asylum seekers on Christmas Island earlier this year.

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It’s a moment when everything comes together. When all those individual elements combine in one moment to tell a story. It’s almost mystical. There are echoes of the Ganges, of fairytales. There are only a couple of moments to pull that shot together in rhythm.

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