We’re reviewing the Walkleys — and we need your help!

The Australian media is evolving fast and the Walkley Foundation plans to ensure that its annual awards keep pace with the changes.

We’re seeing new digital players entering the media and journalists juggling ever-changing technology, taking on new practices and roles amid an ongoing push for innovation and entrepreneurship.

So it’s more important than ever that the foundation established to foster great journalism supports the craft and those who love it, by ensuring that the awards that benchmark excellence are relevant.

In 2016-17 we’ll be undertaking a review of the Walkley awards, and we’d love to hear from you. We’re calling for ideas or suggestions on ways to make sure that the Walkleys reflect the modern industry. Your thoughts will be confidential.

We want to learn more about how journalism is being made right now, and what the future looks like for Australian journalists and storytellers. We welcome your insights into your changing workplace, challenges and the kind of support you believe you need to produce great journalism.

Thanks to your feedback we have made some changes to the Australian Young Journalist Awards.

Now we have embarked on the wider awards review.

Our questions on the Industry:

  • How do we define journalism now? In a world where Snapchat and traditional broadsheets co-exist, what will great journalism look like in 2017 and beyond? What are the new roles, workflows, tools, techniques and challenges for journalists?
  • The ecosystem of the industry has changed. What is the Foundation’s role in supporting individuals and industry to find funding for bold ideas and new ventures?
  • How do we support and develop future journalism leaders — the energetic, diverse people with bright ideas who will steer the industry to a sustainable future?
  • How do we encourage the broader community to value and support quality journalism?

Questions on the Awards:

  • What changes could be made to the awards and the way they are run to ensure that they continue to benchmark and encourage excellence?
  • Where and how are journalists working? What are their challenges? What are their pathways to develop in the industry today?
  • Are there too many Walkley Award categories? How can the number be reduced, while recognising the broad range of work and platforms which is a feature of journalism today?
  • Should we have more “open” categories and fewer specific to particular platforms?

Questions on the Foundation’s role

  • How can the Walkley Foundation best communicate with our audience, strengthen our programming to ensure we’re leading discussions, training and networking which equip Australian journalists better for the future?
  • What is the Foundation’s role in keeping Australian journalism connected to broader global networks and developments?

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