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Terms & Conditions

Arts Journalism Prizes

These two prizes, Arts Journalism and the Pascall Prize for Arts Criticism are open to all Australian journalists covering arts journalism or criticism who have had work published or broadcast in any medium through Australian media outlets between April 27, 2022 through to April 26, 2023.

  • All entrants must be either:
    • Journalists residing in Australia working for an Australian media outlet on a work visa, Australian citizens or permanent residents.
    • Australian citizens working for international news outlets whose work is available to an Australian audience.
  • All entrants must certify that their entry, apart from normal sub-editorial/production treatment, is their original work and that they have adhered to the MEAA Code of Ethics in the work preparation, undertake to continue to abide by the Code of Ethics and have complied with all copyright requirements.
  • Entry is open to Australian journalists who have self-published, including blogs.
  • Self-published entrants should provide relevant URL links and where possible, verification of the work’s authenticity. If the entrant is verifying their own work, they must make this clear in their supporting statement.
  • All entries must declare any legal complaints, defamation actions, contempt of court actions, suppression orders, challenges to the accuracy, corrections or claims of plagiarism, relevant to the work at the time of entry.
  • Books are not eligible to be entered into the Arts Prizes. These should be entered into the Walkley Book Award.
  • Entrants must declare if the creation of the work involved payment for information or an interview.
  • Each entrant may enter only once into each award. The exception is with the Arts Journalism Award where joint or group entries are allowed. In this instance, you may submit up to two entries, provided the entries are different stories and with different people. That is one single entry and one joint or group entry, or two joint or group entries.
  • Group entries must be a maximum of three people.
  • Only individuals may enter The Pascall-Prize.
  • Entry is free for members of MEAA. The cost of entering the award for non-members is $50 including GST.  To enquire about MEAA membership, please contact
  • Judges have the right to reject an entry that in their opinion does not comply with the requirements of the competition. The judges’ decision will be final. The Walkley Judging Board reserves the right to withdraw an award if it later finds the entrant did not comply with the entry conditions.
  • To facilitate easy access for judging, entrants should place URLs outside any paywall. If that proves infeasible, the entry should provide a username and password for judges, plainly indicated in the supporting statement.
  • The entrant acknowledges that the Walkley Foundation may reproduce, broadcast and communicate materials submitted for the purpose of promoting the Awards, conducting the presentation ceremony and making the finalist and winners entries available to the public and agrees and warrants that the Foundation may use the material for these purposes.
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