Archive of Walkley Award winning stories go digital

The Walkley Awards have celebrated great Australian journalism since 1956. Walkley winning stories are a record of history, and showcase the best that journalism has to offer across platforms including print/digital, radio/audio, television/video, photojournalism, cartoons, artwork, non-fiction books and documentaries. From politics to business, international coverage, community, regional and Indigenous stories, some of the country’s best investigations, interviews, commentary, analysis, opinion, satire through cartoons, moments captured in time through photography, live coverage of unfolding events, attention-grabbing headlines, personal accounts or the exploration of hot topics told through long form feature writing, Walkley-winning journalism is an account of the rich fabric of Australian society.

Now, thanks to funding support from Google and in partnership with Deakin University, the Walkley Foundation has embarked on a project to turn this rich storytelling archive into an invaluable digital resource for scholars, academics, the public and journalists.

The Walkley Digital Archive will bring together six decades of award winning stories that can be easily accessed by the touch of a button. The archive platform will be engaging and interactive and the stories easily accessible and navigable. These celebrated stories can be used to inform research and reporting techniques and to entertain and teach future generations. And most importantly they will serve as a record of the quality, groundbreaking reporting that has shaped the country we are today.

The Walkley Foundation would like to thank the journalists and media organisation who have shown their support for this landmark project and acknowledge the funding and expertise provided by the project’s Founding Partners Google, Deakin University and the State Library of New South Wales.

Will you help?

The Foundation is only in the initial stages of the project and requires further funding to digitise six decades of stories which will be supported by behind the scenes information, interviews and resources.

If you are interested in showing your support for the project with a donation, you can donate online or email if you would like to discuss how you can support the project.