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The Business of Freelancing Webinar 2022

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Freelance investigative and public interest reporting is having a huge impact in today’s media landscape. How do you manage a big, long-term project behind the scenes? Our award-winning freelance journalists will discuss funding sources, the challenges of freelance reporting in regional and international contexts, plus how they handle the classic business of freelancing from pitching to promotion and invoicing.


  • Bob Burton, Freelance, Co-founder of Tasmanian Inquirer
  • Shona Martyn, CEO, The Walkley Foundation
  • Andrew Quilty, Freelance, 2021 Freelance Journalist of the Year 
  • Dale Webster, 2022 Freelance Journalist of the Year 


  • Aarti Betigeri, Multi-platform journalist and correspondent for Monocle and The Lowy Institute


  • Jenny Farrar, Stakeholder Relationship Manager and Education Specialist, Media Super  


The Business of Freelancing Final Notes

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