“Lawyer X Informer Scandal”

All Media: Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon

“Lawyer X Informer Scandal”

All Media: Investigative Journalism

Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon

“Lawyer X Informer Scandal”

Gold Walkley

Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon

Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year

Chris McGrath

“Any Ordinary Day”

Walkley Book Award

Leigh Sales

“The Australian Dream”

Walkley Documentary Award

Stan Grant

“The Frant”

All Media: Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Jan Fran

“Orphans of Isis”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Long

Suzanne Dredge, Dylan Welch, David Maguire and Janine Cohen

“All Hail the Algorithm”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Ali Rae

“Sydney Stabbing Rampage”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Seven News Sydney Team

“Sydney Stabbing”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Paul Walker

“The End of the Caliphate”

Photographic Essay

Chris McGrath

“Crown Unmasked”

Business Journalism

Nick McKenzie, Nick Toscano and Grace Tobin

“The Second Coming of Senator Lambie”

News Photography

Matt Roberts

Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism

Sue Spencer

“How to Sell a Massacre”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Al Jazeera Investigations Unit

“The Ibrahim Tapes”

All Media: Production

Fadzil Hamzah

“The Ghosts of Wittenoom”

Radio/Audio: Feature

Kirsti Melville

“The Survivors of ISIS”

Radio/Audio: News and Current Affairs

Adam Harvey

“Invictus Games 2018”

Sport Photography

Craig Golding