“Killing Field”

2020 Gold Walkley Award

All Media: Investigative Journalism

Mark Willacy and the ABC Investigations-Four Corners Team


Walkley Book Award

Lucie Morris-Marr


Walkley Documentary Award

Sarah Ferguson, Nial Fulton and Tony Jones

Simple Stories, Complicated Times

All Media: Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Tony Wright

“The Faceless Man”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Long

Nick McKenzie, Joel Tozer and Sumeyya Ilanbey

“#AMPToo - sexual harassment at AMP”

All Media: Business Journalism

Michael Roddan

Stuffed: Inside Australia's Biggest Museum Heist

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Marc Fennell, Ninah Kopel and Joel Stillone

“George Floyd Protests”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Adam Bovino

“Beat the Press: Journalism under Attack”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Amelia Brace and Tim Myers

Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism

Ross Gittins

“Hawaii Two-O: Scott Morrison's bushfire holiday”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Samantha Maiden

“ABC Bushfire Coverage”

All Media: Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

ABC News and ABC Regional and Local Team

“Black Summer”

All Media: Production

Four Corners Team

“Trace: The Informer”

Radio/Audio: Feature

Rachael Brown, Josie Taylor, Tim Roxburgh, Marty Peralta and Trace Team


Radio/Audio: News & Current Affairs

Dr Norman Swan, Tegan Taylor and Will Ockenden

“On Thin Ice: Katia's story”

All Media: Sports Journalism

Jessica Halloran and Julian Linden

“Thoughts and Prayers”

All Media: Cartoon

David Rowe

“Your Right to Know”

All Media: Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Matthew Kelly, Helen Gregory, Anita Beaumont and Donna Page

“Rio Tinto explodes Juukan Gorge, and BHP’s 24-hour backdown”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Calla Wahlquist and Lorena Allam

“The Perfect Virus: Two gene tweaks that turned COVID-19 into a killer”

Print/Text: Feature Writing Short

Liam Mannix