Walkley Camerawork Award

Andy Taylor

“Anglican Church Paedophile Ring”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual Daily Current Affairs

Anne Connolly, Suzanne Smith and Lesley Robinson

“State of Fear”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual Current Affairs Award

Linton Besser, Louie Eroglu, Jaya Balendra and Elise Worthington

“Bankstown Hospital”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual News Reporting Award

Chris O’Keefe

“Politics, the planet and the personal”

Walkley Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Award

Greg Jericho

“Money for Nothing”

Walkley Business and Investigative Award

Adele Ferguson, Klaus Toft and Mario Christodoulou

“Hitting Home”

Walkley Documentary Award

Sarah Ferguson, Nial Fulton and Ivan O’Mahoney

“Jackson and Lawler”

Walkley Interview Award

Caro Meldrum-Hanna

Talking to My Country”

Walkley Book Award

Stan Grant