The Women’s Leadership in Media Award

Entries have closed.

Finalists announced: Wednesday May 30, 2018.

About the award

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This all-media national award honours women who are making a outstanding journalistic contribution to gender equality and the visibility of women in society – both in Australia and on a global scale. It celebrates reporting that demonstrates notable innovation, enterprise or courage in raising awareness of women’s experiences and perspectives, and reflects the significance of media coverage in altering perceptions, challenging stereotypes and fighting misinformation.

Entry fee

Thanks to the support of PwC entry for this award is free.

Judging criteria

Judges will evaluate submissions according to the following criteria:

  • Newsworthiness
  • Research, writing and productions
  • Incisiveness
  • Innovation, enterprise or courage
  • Impact and public benefit
  • Adherence to ethical standards
  • Time constraints and resources available

Judges will also consider the pressure and demand of reporting deadlines, and the location of the journalist. They also take into consideration isolation or exposure to outside forces, as well as the real or potential dangers in presenting a story.

Conditions of entry

Submissions are open to women working in both mainstream or alternative media, as individual pieces or collaborative projects. Entries may be single pieces, or may consist of up to three pieces of work to represent a body of work. All forms of media are accepted.

Entries must have been published, broadcast or televised in Australia from April 27, 2017 to April 26, 2018. Eligibility for the Walkley Women’s Leadership Award is based on independent acts of journalism, free from any commercial or corporate interests.

All entrants must certify that the entry is their original work. Apart from standard sub-editorial/production treatment, submissions must adhere to the MEAA Code of Ethics in their preparation; undertake to abide by this Code of Ethics; and have complied with all copyright requirements.

Full Terms & Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact either:

Previous winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Women’s Leadership in Media Award winner Catherine Fox for her work in ABC Online, The Australian and New South Publishing:

See the full announcement of the mid-year award winners here.

Finalists were previously announced here.

2016 Winner: Jess Hill

Announcement: Jess Hill named 2016 Women’s Leadership in Media Award Winner.

Finalists in alphabetical order were:

  • Amanda Collinge, Q&A, ABC TV, “Women on Q&A”, “String Theory, Sea Turtles, Al and Pi”, “Q&A Domestic Violence Special”
  • Jessica Halloran, RendezView, News Corp Australia , “Hey fellas, care to join us in the 21st century?”, “An open letter to the AFL from the mother called a ‘stripper;”, “There’s too many white guys talking about footy on TV”
  • Jess Hill, The Monthly and Radio National, ABC Radio, “Home Truths: The costs and causes of domestic violence”, “A Cycle of Violence”, “Suffer the children: Trouble in the Family Court”