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About the Walkley Foundation for Journalism

Our mission

The Walkley Foundation celebrates and supports great Australian journalism.

Who we are

The Walkley Foundation was established by Sir William Gaston Walkley and the first awards were handed out in 1956.

In 2018, the Walkley Foundation received another generous bequest from the Walkley family. This time from June Andrews, William Walkley’s sister in law. The bequest continues the legacy of excellence in Australian journalism.

The Walkley Foundation is an independently-funded company limited by guarantee with tax-deductible status.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Recognise great Australian journalism
  2. Elevate the craft of journalism through professional development
  3. Support and value journalism
  4. Ensure a sustainable Foundation

Get in touch:

Barbara Blackman
Executive Officer
The Walkley Foundation for Journalism
T: 0425 297 082 | E:
Walkley Foundation Ltd  (ABN: 99 164 809 349) 

Download a copy of our latest Yearbook:

Understand more about how we invest in journalism

It has never been more important to support quality Australian journalism.

If you would like to be involved in any of our ongoing programs, please get in touch. You can read more about The Walkley Public Fund for Journalism and our plans for the future here.

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