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Solutions Journalism Training Program

Solutions Journalism is a rigorous and evidence-based approach to covering social issues that has been used to improve coverage of climate change, race relations, environmental management, social inclusion, and much more.

Research has found that news organisations that engage in solutions reporting have better levels of improve audience engagement, enjoy greater trust, and can tackle ‘bad news fatigue’.

In 2023-24 the Walkley Foundation is running an eight-part webinar series designed in partnership with the Impact team at the Solutions Journalism Network. The series will wrap up in August 2024, and will be followed by a grant program that will be announced later this year. Grant applicants will need to have engaged with the training – either live or on catch-up – as part of the application process.

Full list of 2024 sessions:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of solutions journalism: 20 November 2023
  2. Making the business case for solutions journalism: 21 February 2024
  3. Using solutions journalism to strengthen audience and community relationships: March 2024
  4. Using solutions journalism to cover diverse communities: April 2024
  5. Building solutions journalism into newsroom practice: June 2024
  6. Delivering and measuring the impact of solutions stories: July 2024
  7. Introduction to the Walkley Foundation Solutions Journalism Grant: August 2024
  8. Meeting with successful grantees: October 2024

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Research has found that including solutions journalism content in your output can benefit your news organisation’s bottom line. Philanthropic institutions, major donors and businesses are more likely to financially support solutions coverage on issues that align with their missions and issues of interest. Solutions content can also strengthen the value of your brand to your target audience, increasing the potential for individuals to open their wallets. From time on page and web stickiness, solutions can be leveraged to generate loyalty for greater sustainability. But how do you move from including solutions stories in your output to revenue success? 

DATE: Wednesday, 21 February 2024
TIME: 10am-11.30am AEDT
VENUE: Virtual
TICKETS: Free, registration essential
TRAINER: Alec Saelens

Alec is SJN’s impact manager and former Revenue Project manager. He is passionate about helping newsrooms align editorial and business objectives by leveraging solutions journalism. He is a co-founder of The Bristol Cable, the UK’s pioneering local media cooperative. He worked as a researcher and coach for the Membership Puzzle Project and as an analyst for NewsGuard, assessing the transparency and reliability of news websites.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand how a solutions approach can increase financial support for your media
  • Understand how solutions reporting lead to higher audience engagement
  • Understand the relationship between trust and willingness to pay
  • Understand how to use this data to approach key financial stakeholders including sponsors, advertisers, philanthropic institutions and individual donors
  • Understand how to make the business case to your revenue and sales teams
  • Understand how to align your news organizations around solutions journalism and related revenue goals
  • Hone in on arguments to present to financial stakeholders 

All registrants will receive links to the recording for this session, and be notified of future session dates and times as they are confirmed. Watching the sessions live or on replay will be a requirement for a new Walkley Foundation Solutions Journalism Grant to be launched later this year.

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Catch up on past sessions

Learn the fundamentals of solutions journalism

  • Download the slide deck here and all readings and external websites mentioned in the deck here.
  • Watch the webinar:

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand what Solutions Journalism is, and how it differs from ‘hero worship’, PR and puff pieces.
  • Be introduced to case studies and potential story angles for solutions journalism in Australia.
  • Understand how solutions stories can work in different formats including print and digital text, radio and podcasts, TV, and social-first storytelling.
  • Understand common barriers to adopting solutions journalism approaches.
  • Be introduced to ways in which solutions journalism can engage audiences, build website stickiness, support revenue targets and strengthen community trust in public interest journalism. These topics will be expanded on in a monthly program the Foundation will run in 2024.
  • Be introduced to resources and self-directed learning opportunities from the Solutions Journalism Network, and similar organisations such as the Constructive Institute.
  • Learn about a new Solutions Journalism grants and training program the Foundation will run in 2024 in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network.


Supported by the Walkley Public Fund

This program is made possible with the support of the Walkley Public Fund. Donations to the Public Fund are tax-deductible, and help support Foundation professional development programs including grants, scholarships and fellowships, and training. Learn more and donate here.

Further information

Please contact Corinne Podger, Walkley Foundation Senior Manager for Programs and Education:

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