Freelance Focus 2015 – Program, August 5


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We’ll explore the complexity and opportunities of the industry at the Freelance Focus Conference on Wednesday August 5, with practical workshops available on August 4 and 6. From discussions about the latest in the industry, to inspirational short talks and practically-focused sessions, this is the networking and development event freelancers can’t afford to miss.

Venue:  The Edge, Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, Southbank, Brisbane QLD 4101

The EdgeBreakout Room
9.00am – 10.00amWelcome!

If a story isn't read, does it make a sound? Inside the dark art of attracting eyeballs to great storytelling
So you've produced the perfect piece, now what? Narratively’s Noah Rosenberg explores your options for finding an actual audience, from open publishing platforms to partnerships, paid promotion to pity.
Noah Rosenberg (US)
10.00am- 10.50amPANEL:
Freelance is just the beginning

Our panel discuss the different paths available for diversification, and how these can help your career take off. Turn your passion into productivity and profit. Learn from other freelancers who’ve diversified, and get the lowdown on lucrative sidelines like professional business writing, ghost writing, and content creation.
Matthew Condon, author & journalist, The Courier-Mail
Andrew McMillen, freelance journalist
Tiana Templeman, freelance journalist and academic
Moderator: Kathy McLeish, journalist, ABC News & Current Affairs
11.10am- 12.00noonPANEL:
The power of narrative

Discover how you can apply the power of narrative and turn local, national and global issues into stories with meaning. Learn the storytelling devices you should use, how to avoid cliché and create impact with longform.
Trent Dalton, writer, The Weekend Australian Magazine
Noah Rosenberg, CEO & founder, Narratively
Rebecca Sparrow, columnist & author
Participating chair: Paul Barclay, presenter, Big Ideas, ABC RN
Freelance business basics

Driven by your questions, we break down legal jargon so you know what your rights are when it comes to contracts, copyright, and tricky clauses to look out for. What should you do to protect your work and make sure you get paid?
TBC, Media Super
Katelin McInerney, MEAA
Kurt Falkenstein, General Standards Startup Lawyers
Virginia Morrison, Copyright Agency
Presented by Media Super
12.00noon-12.10pmSESSION CHANGE BREAK
12.10pm- 1.00pmPANEL:
When freelance goes foreign correspondent

Whether travelling into a warzone or covering a sensitive story in Australia, freelancers have to look after themselves. In this panel discussion, learn how to protect yourself with insurance and other safety measures.
Ed Giles, freelance multimedia journalist
Tim Page, freelance photojournalist
Cindy Wockner, national investigations editor & international correspondent, News Corp
Moderator: Mark Willacy, National Reporting Team, ABCTV
Twitter for journalists

Are you getting the most out of Twitter? Learn the latest tools and tips for Twitter lists, finding sources and trends, and using analytics to understand and engage with your followers.
Nathan Burman, head of PR & communications, Twitter Australia
1.00pm – 2.10pmNETWORKING LUNCH
Experts available for individual consultations
Your brand online

Are you in control of your social presence? Make social media work for you, rather than creating more work for yourself. Take your work to the next level, using simple tools to monitor story opportunities and maximise your efficiency and minimise risk with scheduled posting. We cover social media strategy and blogging.
John Birmingham, writer & author
Michelle Law, screenwriter, author, reporter & playwright
Moderator: Natalie Bochenski, writer
3.00pm – 3.40pmBIG STORIES:
Dig deep: The online treasure trove for investigative reporting
Hedley Thomas, national chief correspondent, The Australian

A golden age for the lone wolf journalist
Andrew Fowler, author, The War on Journalism
4.00pm – 5.15pmSHORT STORIES:
Amanda Gearing, freelance journalist: What makes a Walkley winner?
Peter Taggart, Bring A Plate: So you want to make a podcast…
Skye Doherty, University of Queensland: Journalism and the power of design
Matt Liddy, ABC: The latest in digital storytelling
Angie Galles, StartSomeGood: The secret life of crowdfunders
Rebecca Rowling: Humanitarian law for journalists in conflict zones
Hamish Sewell, SoundTrails: Storytelling to empower and connect communities
5.15pm-5.25pmWrapping up