Sport Photography



Craig Golding

“Body of Work”

In a sports-mad country like ours, sport is serious business. But when you’re photographing it, a sense of humour might be what sets your work apart from the pack. This body of work features quirky tennis moments and a frame that intimately captures the force of women’s rugby league.

“Sport is a form of photography that allows for no second chances,” Golding wrote in his entry statement. “To shoot a sport well, it helps to have an good understanding and knowledge of the sport itself to increase your chances of getting the defining images—be it on or away from the field of play. You need to be able to anticipate and react in a split second or the moment is gone forever.”

The judges said: “Sport photography is about evoking emotion—it’s great to see that emotion can be humour. Craig has a beautiful rhythm and playfulness to his images that make you want to see his next picture, and the one after that.”