“You Can’t Ask That — Deaf, African Australians and Intersex”


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Media Diversity Australia Award

Kirk Docker is the producer, rarely seen interviewer and co-creator of the award-winning ABC show You Can’t Ask That. He first came to public attention for contributing vox pop segments to Hungry Beast. Shot by YCAT partner Aaron Smith, these voxies showcased the openness, compassion and curiosity that marks their work today. Before and after Beast, Kirk made shortform video for website Vive Cool City, Hello Stranger for the ABC and Demolition Man for A&E.

Read an interview with Kirk.

Judges’ comments:

“You Can’t Ask That puts diverse Australians in the hot seat, fielding hard questions that speak to broadly held attitudes of prejudice and discrimination. What results is a program that confronts both prejudice and discrimination in an honest, open, tender and sometimes funny manner. The program is groundbreaking and tackles issues humanely in a way that has never been done on mainstream television outside of news and current affairs. You Can’t Ask That — with its large audience — has the capacity to confront us, challenge us and educate us about what it is to be a member of a minority group or simply just different.”

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