“Grylls; Fireworks; Dust”






Young Journalist of the Year Awards

Sandie Bertrand (@sandie_bertrand) won the Walkley Young Australian Photographic Journalist of the Year in 2009 for her work at The West Australian. Born in Paris, France, Sandie moved to Australia as a child, and went on to study for her advanced diploma of photography at Perth TAFE, where she graduated with the inaugural Ewan Robinson Perpetual Memorial Award in 2006. During her tertiary studies she took time to gather experience working in Paris, where she worked for photographic agency A.P.R.H. and at the Moulin Rouge as a photographer. Sandie has won six first places, two second places, one third place and a cover prize through the Ilford Photographic Competition for tertiary students. She currently works as a wedding photographer in Perth.

Judges’ comments:

“Sandie’s portfolio showed the judges a versatility and maturity in her work. She took initiative in the press shot of Brendon Grylls to try and get something more personal, and moved away from the media press shot. Her use of movement in the busker shot left us all wondering ‘how did she take that?’ The Aussie portrait was a lovely portrait and creatively composed, and all three pictures show her thinking beyond straight photography.”