Sport Photography


Getty Images

Scott Barbour

“Sport 2017—2018”

Scott Barbour says in his entry statement how proud he is that women’s sport features in three of the five images in his portfolio. “I hope it shows the increasing prominence they are deservingly obtaining in the media landscape.”

The judges praised Barbour’s technical capacity with light and the timing of his shots. “What makes a beautiful sport image is timing. Timing can create something you’d barely catch with the naked eye, like the way Scott captured the gymnast.”

It takes immense skill and great reflexes to nail that timing, or to get an exclusive angle like his birds-eye view of the Richmond Tigers parting the seas of adoring fans with their first premiership cup in 37 years.

Of his jubilant shot of the Brisbane Lions AFLW team, Barbour says “It has been a joy to photograph this newly formed women’s tournament that has finally given women a chance to play top level football and young girls new heroes to aspire to.”