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Amplify Your Social Media Presence with Canva

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Join us for an exciting and informative webinar “Visual Storytelling for Journalists: Amplify Your Social Media Presence with Canva”, designed exclusively for journalists looking to enhance their social media skills.

In today’s digital landscape, social media plays a crucial role in reaching and engaging audiences. Canva, the popular design platform, is a powerful tool that can transform your social media presence.

During this webinar, we will dive into the world of Canva and explore how journalists can leverage its features to create compelling social media content. From static posts to short-form videos, Canva empowers journalists to produce eye-catching visuals that capture attention and drive engagement.

One of Canva’s key advantages is its ability to help journalists create content with speed, ease, and brand consistency. We will demonstrate how Canva streamlines the design process, enabling you to create professional-looking graphics and videos without extensive design skills, and ensures your social media content aligns with your organisation’s branding, building trust and integrity among your audience.

But that’s not all – this webinar will go beyond the basics. We’ll share some nifty tips and tricks that will save you time and boost productivity when working with Canva. Discover how to collaborate seamlessly with your entire team, maximizing efficiency and ensuring a unified approach to social media content creation.

We’ll also unveil some cool techniques to create content that truly wows your audience and sets you apart from the competition.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to utilise Canva for all your social media needs, from static posts to short-form videos;
  • Discover how Canva helps journalists create engaging content with speed, ease, and brand consistency;
  • Increase audience engagement and attract a larger following through captivating visuals;
  • Build trust and integrity by maintaining a consistent brand image across social media platforms;
  • Uncover time-saving tips and tricks to boost productivity and efficiency when working with Canva;
  • Explore collaborative features that enable seamless teamwork and content creation; and
  • Acquire new skills to create content that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Presented by: Diana Abeleven, Canva’s Senior Global Strategic Partnerships Manager, News & Media


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