“Young staffer Brittany Higgins says she was raped at Parliament House” “Parliament office ‘steam cleaned’ after alleged attack” and “Minister Michaelia Cash’s voicemail message to Brittany Higgins”

2021 Our Watch Award winner

Samantha Maiden

“Let Her Speak”

2020 Our Watch Award winner

Nina Funnell

“Australia On Trial: Carers who kill, Slavery in the suburbs, Murder on Trial”

2019 Our Watch Award winner

Sarah Dingle and the Background Briefing Team

“Religion and domestic violence investigation”

2018 Our Watch Award winner

Julia Baird, Hayley Gleeson, Debra Jopson, Sarah Malik and Rocco Fazzari

"Gendered violence at work"

2017 Our Watch Award

Gina McColl

“Knowing what we’re up against”

2016 Our Watch Award

Lauren Novak and Sheradyn Holderhead

2015 Our Watch Award

Jess Hill