Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism

2018 Finalists announced!

Finalists were announced on October 11 for the 2018 Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism. Read all the details here.

Important information for entering the Nikon-Walkley Awards

Photographers are also invited to enter their work in relevant All Media categories in the Walkley Awards. Photographers are eligible to enter photographic work in All Media categories as an individual entrant or as part of a group or team entry.

A photographer may only enter once in each photography category.

Each entry must contain at least one picture that has been published in the 12 months from Sept. 1, 2017, to Aug. 31, 2018.

For non-MEAA members the entry fee is $295 (inc GST). For photographers only one fee is payable, regardless of the number of categories entered. Once you have paid for your first entry please use the code PHOTOPAID to enter the other cateogires free of charge. This will be checked after entries closed and people will be invoiced if an inital payment has not been paid.

Warren Macris from High Res Digital (who prints our photo exhibition) has asked for the following guidelines to be followed when uploading photos…

“As some of the winning images are printed at around 100cm it is essential that your high res versions are supplied at their full native resolution (if the image is cropped it will obviously effect the final size but that is unavoidable). There is no need to enlarge them, we will do that if required, but please do not supply them smaller than what your camera shoots!  The high res versions should be saved at the highest quality JPG setting that keeps the saved file under 5MB. Please make sure that the working colour space is embedded when saving.”

Please follow the entry instructions listed at the start of the online form.

Please see category descriptions for further information. Below are the number of images you can submit per category:

Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism:

  • News Photography: Enter up to 5 related images
  • Sport photography: Enter up to 5 images. These do not need to be related and can represent a body of work
  • Feature/Photographic Essay: Entry can include 5 to 12 images in a series with at least one published image
  • Press Photographer of the Year: You may enter 6-10 images representing a body of work with at least one published image

Nikon prizes (these are not Walkley Awards but are administered by the Walkley Foundation and chosen by the Walkley photography judging panel):

  • Nikon Contemporary Australian Daily Life Prize: Can include up to five images
  • Nikon Portrait Prize: A single image only
  • Nikon Community/Regional Prize: Can include up to five images
  • Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year is a single image only. There is no entry for this prize; the judges choose it from all work entered by photographers in the Nikon-Walkley photographic categories, and it represents a hero image for the year.

Entry process and requirements for photographers

Photographers entering the Nikon-Walkley photography awards must enter through the online form. Please note the entry form is separate from that of non-photography Walkley Awards.

Upload your images and give a brief description of each photo, publication and dates as well as an overall supporting statement of up to 400 words for each category.

Only photographers working in community or regional media are eligible to enter the Community and Regional Photography category.

Material specifications for photographers

  • Images must meet the following specifications:
    – Images must be uploaded in .jpg/.jpeg format
    – Images should be at least 3000 pixels in length
    – Each image should be saved in the .jpg/.jpeg format with a medium to high quality
  • An embedded ICC profile is required. Adobe RGB or sRGB is recommended for colour images, Gamma 2.2 for black and white. No CMYK.
  • All required image information, such as the creation date, place and country as well as the caption/description, must be provided. It can be included in the metadata of the image files or entered on the entry website after uploading the images.
  • The content of an image MUST NOT be altered. Only retouching that conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. No cloning, montaging or digital manipulation other than cropping, ‘digital spotting’, burning and dodging is permitted. The jury is the ultimate arbiter of these standards.
  • Entrants must not intentionally contribute to, or alter, the scene they picture by re-enacting or staging events.
  • Entrants must ensure captions are accurate and provide a supporting statement that is open and transparent about the entire process through which their pictures were taken and published.
  • Participants who are longlisted by the first round judges will be contacted and required to provide file/s as recorded by the camera for all images in order to proceed to the final stages of the contest. These file/s will be requested and examined confidentially during the judging period. A failure to provide these files by September 16, 2017, will lead to the elimination of the entry that will not proceed into the final rounds and will not become eligible for a Nikon-Walkley Award.
  • Entrants may not enter the same photograph in more than one photographic category except:
    Portrait, Daily Life or Community/Regional categories, which are Nikon-Walkley Prizes. Entrants in both these categories are eligible to submit these entries again in another appropriate Nikon-Walkley Award category.
    – In the Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year Award, where the body of the year’s work may include shots included in other entries.