The Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism

When do entries open?

Entries open on July 1, 2022

When do entries close?

Entries close at 11.59 pm on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

What period do stories need to have been published/broadcast to be eligible for entry?

All entries must have been published, broadcast or televised in Australia in the 12 months from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. Eligibility for the Walkley Awards is based on independent acts of journalism, free from any commercial or corporate interests.

Who is eligible to enter the Walkley Awards?

All entrants must certify that their entry, apart from normal sub editorial/production treatment, is their original work and that they have adhered to the MEAA Code of Ethics in the work preparation, undertake to continue to abide by the Code of Ethics and have complied with all copyright requirements.

All entrants must be Australian citizens working for either local or international news outlets whose work is available to an Australian audience or journalists residing in Australia working for an Australian media outlet on a work visa or permanent residents.

Entry is also now open to Australian journalists who have self-published, including blogs. Eligibility for the Walkley Awards is based on “independent acts of journalism”, free from any commercial or corporate interests.

All entries must be factually based.

What do the Walkley Awards recognise?

The purpose of the Walkley Awards is to recognise creative and courageous acts of journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight into an issue. See categories explained for full criteria for individual awards.

Entry fees

How much does it cost to enter the Awards?

Entering the Walkley Awards is free for financial members of MEAA, and $150 (for each entry) for non-members.  If you are a non-member entering the Walkley Book Award the fee is $260. Please have your membership number handy before you start an online entry. If you are unsure what your number is, click here to send a request, and ensure you include “Walkley entrant” in the subject line. Please note you will only receive a reply to your request within office hours: 9 am-5 pm (EST), Monday to Friday.

How much is the entry fee for photographers?

For Non-MEAA Members the entry fee is $150 (inc GST). For photographers, only one fee is payable, regardless of the number of categories entered. Once you have paid for your first entry please use the code PHOTOPAID  at the checkout to enter the other categories free of charge. This will be checked after entries close and people will be invoiced if an initial payment has not been paid.

My news organisation/employer wants to be invoiced for my entry, how can they do that?

If your employer would like to be invoiced for your entry or is paying for multiple entries from your organisation you will need the checkout code previously arranged between them and the Walkley Foundation. Please ask them to contact Lauren Dixon on lauren.dixon@walkleys.com or 0413 212 890.

The entry system and what I need to prepare

How should I prepare before making an online entry?

We recommend having as much information available before you commence your entry registration to avoid encountering a system time-out if a page is left open for long periods. It is recommended that you write the supporting statement about your entry before you start the online entry process. Where uploads are required, have your work ready to upload and make sure it is saved in the correct format.

What do I need to submit my work for a Walkley Award?

You’ll need information such as your contact details and the details of your entry – the category you are entering, the title of your entry, the program, digital platform or publication it appeared in, the date of broadcast/publication, and the piece’s duration. Because you can submit up to three pieces (in most categories) as part of an entry, you may need to list up to three different titles, dates and durations. There will be space for this.

Can I submit my work online, or do I need to send hard copies via postal mail?

All entries must be submitted through the online entry form CLICK HERE There are no hard copy entry forms. Entries must be completed online. NOTE: it is the responsibility of the entrant that any links provided to online works or broadcasts be available for at least six months after entries close.

We no longer require you to send us hard copies of your work unless you are entering the Walkley Book Award.

All entrants must either upload a copy of their work or provide a URL link to the story.

What is the supporting statement?

A body of text up to 400 words in length, the ‘supporting statement’ is an opportunity to let the judges know how your entry fits the criteria and what impact your work has had. Pay attention to the criteria and the category description and address these points in your statement.  It is recommended that this statement be written by the entrant themselves. It is compulsory with each entry. This is a really important part of the entry submission process so please give some thought to what you want to say to the judges and the impact your work has had. 

How long does the online entry process take?

You should allow approximately 40 minutes to complete the entry form online, please ensure you allow enough time to complete your submission.  Do not leave it to the last day to make your entry, as high demand on the website can lead to the process taking much longer and unnecessary stress.

File uploads

Can I upload video or audio files?

Depending on the size of your files it might be better to supply a link to where judges can view/listen to your work online such as YouTube or Soundcloud.

I have multiple PDF pages that I want to upload, how do I do this?

The entry system will only allow you to upload a single pdf file per story. If you work runs over more than one page (which most do) you can merge your files into a single file at ww.pdfmerge.com

My PDF file is too large to upload, is there a way to make it smaller?

You can compress your pdf files size for free at https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf

I’m a photographer, what size images should I upload?

Warren Macris from High Res Digital ( who prints our photo exhibition) has asked for the following guidelines to be followed when uploading photos…

“As some of the winning images are printed at around 100cm it is essential that your high res versions are supplied at their full native resolution (if the image is cropped it will obviously affect the final size but that is unavoidable). There is no need to enlarge them, we will do that if required, but please do not supply them smaller than what your camera shoots!  The high res versions should be saved at the highest quality JPG setting that keeps the saved file under 5MB. Please make sure that the working colour space is embedded when saving.”

Category questions

How many categories can I enter the same story into?

You can enter the same story into two categories. The exception being production teams may enter the story an additional time into the All Media: Production category.

Can I enter into a category more than once?

Each entrant may enter only once in each category. The exception is with joint or team entries.  In this instance, you may submit up to two entries per category.  That is: one single entry and one joint or team entry, or two joint or team entries with different teams. Entrants must complete a new and separate submission for each award category.

The difference between a group or team

What’s the difference between ‘group’ and ‘team’ entries?

group entry is permitted to include up to four people’s names as entrants, while a team entry is a group of five or more people under a team name.

What are the rules for group and team entries?

If you are entering for a team or group there are special guidelines you can read here. But essentially, groups (up to 4 people) will complete one registration with full details for each group member. Be aware that the order of the names as given in the group entry process is the order used on all publicity and trophies. You cannot change this order after an entry is submitted, so please consult with all members before entering.

What else should I keep in mind about group and team entries?

If you are entering a joint, group or team entry you must have had substantial collaboration before publication on the same piece of work. This should be clearly outlined in the supporting statement.

Before making a group or team entry, make sure that you have full contact details available for all contributors involved in the submission. Entry is free for MEAA members, but non-members to the awards will be charged a $150 entry fee. Should a team comprise a mix of MEAA members and non-members a single entry fee of $150 will apply. Have your payment details ready during the online submission process and please identify yourself as a Walkley entrant, or call 1300 65 65 13 to discuss membership options.

Entry verification

How do I verify my entry?

During the online submission process, you will be asked to provide contact details for your editor, producer or equivalent manager who will receive an email requesting verification of the work and related details. This person must verify the entry via the email they receive before it can be considered by the judges.

I’m self-published, what do to verify the work?

Self-published entrants should provide relevant URL links and where possible, verification of the work’s authenticity. If you are verifying your own work you must make this clear to the judges in your supporting statement.

What do I need to do if my work has been challenged?

All entries must declare any legal complaints, defamation actions, contempt of court actions, suppression orders, challenges to the accuracy, corrections or claims of plagiarism, relevant to the work at the time of entry. This does not disqualify the entry but is important for the judging process that this is declared.

What if there was a payment made to obtain part of the work?

Entrants must declare if the creation of the work involved payment for information or an interview.

I would like to read the code of ethics before I make my deceleration, where can I find them?

All entrants must declare that they have adhered to the MEAA Code of Ethics

Do you have any more advice?

It is recommended that entrants carefully read the Walkley Awards Terms & Conditions and Categories Explained documents before starting their submission.

If you have further questions or need help with your entry place contact Kym Middleton, kym.middleton@walkleys.com| +61 401 512 583