Frequently Asked Questions

When do entries close?

Entries close at midnight on April 26, 2017

Where can I get an entry form?

There are no hardcopy entry forms. Entries must be completed online. NOTE: it is the responsibility of the entrant that any links provided to online works or broadcasts be available for at least six months after entries close.

What are the conditions of entry?

All work must have been published or broadcast through Australian media outlets between April 27, 2016 and April 27, 2017.

What is the age limit for entry?

Entrants must be aged 28 or under. This applies to all categories.

Are students eligible to enter?

Yes, final-year university students can enter all categories, including the Student Journalist of the Year Award. Entries will be accepted from student publications, broadcast and online media but must be signed off by the university’s head of department. Students are allowed to enter the Student Journalist of the Year Award category for free.

Can you explain the different categories?

Please refer to categories explained

I want to enter three stories in one entry – do the stories need to be related?

Please refer to the categories explained document as this differs for each category.

What does it cost to enter the awards?

It costs non-members $50 inc. GST to enter one award. A maximum entry fee of $100 is payable for entries in multiple categories. Through its support of the Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards, MEAA covers the entry costs for financial members as a benefit of membership. Students are allowed to enter the Student Award category for free but they must show proof of enrolment.

Entry into the overall Young Journalist of the Year category is free if you have paid to enter another category. If you have not paid for another category you will be required to pay the entry fee unless you are a MEAA member.  If you are nominating someone else for this award you will be required to pay the $50 entry fee unless you are a MEAA member.

Do I have to include a 400-word entry statement?

Yes, your entry statement is to assist the judging process and should outline the case for consideration for an award. You may address the judging criteria and explain the circumstances in which the entry was produced. Please note: you only submit one entry statement per entry.

Please note if you become a finalist your entry statement may be published on the Walkley website so please keep this is mind when writing your submission.

Do I need to have the entry form authorised?

Yes, it is compulsory that your employer, employer representative or university department head validates the work.

How many entries can I submit to the Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards?

Each entrant may enter only once in each category. The exception is with joint or group entries.  In this instance you may submit up to two entries per category.  That is: one single entry and one joint or group entry, or two joint or group entries.

Are group entries permissible?

Joint or group entries are accepted for up to five members where all are under 28 years of age.

What are the judging criteria?

Overall Criteria: The Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year aims to encourage and recognise the rising stars of Australian journalism. Winners will be selected on the basis of journalistic excellence in the fundamental tenets of the craft as well as the ability to present distinctive and original journalism that pushes the boundaries of the profession.

Judges will be looking for the individual they think has made the most impact, but in general criteria will include:

  • How the story was initiated and followed (with particular credit given for instigating or finding a story)
  • Newsworthiness, including exclusivity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Research and investigation
  • Balance, accuracy and ethics
  • Consideration of production pressures or deadlines and time constraints
  • Consideration of the resources available
  • Demonstration of best use of the format/s in which the work was published or broadcast, including clever choices in storytelling through multimedia
  • Excellence in written or verbal communication and/or technical and production skill
  • Public impact or benefit, including audience engagement and serving specific communities

How are entries judged?

Each category will be judged by a three-person jury who will determine three finalists and then the winner. The Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Award will be judged by Walkley Advisory Board members from each of the category winners.

Will entries be returned?

Please keep copies of all material submitted. Entries will not be returned.

How are finalists notified?

Finalists will be contacted directly and announced online on Wednesday May 31, 2017

When will winners be announced?

The Walkley Young Australian Journalist Award winners will be announced at a special event on July 26, 2017 in Sydney.

How to enter?

Complete the entry form online and follow the prompts.

ONE copy of each entry must be submitted along with one printout of your confirmation entry email.

If you are entering a body of work that crosses different mediums (ie text and video) please follow the file guidelines listed below for each format.

Text-based files

  • ONE printout of the entry form
  • ONE copy of each article saved in PDF format on a CD or USB. Where there is more than one article in the entry, each should be attached and collated by date of publication.

Television/video files

  • ONE digital video file in MP4, WMV, MOV or AVI format of less than 700mb
  • The file MUST BE compatible with all computer operating systems. Please test DVD on both PC and MAC to ensure compatibly. Unreadable DVDs will not be accepted.
  • Label EACH FILE with your entry number and name
  • We can also accept entry material via Vimeo, YouTube or other hosted streaming video service. Please enter the full URL /web link into the allocated box on the entry form
  • Signed entry form

Digital files

  • Please insert the link to your entry when prompted. The link must be working and unaltered for judging from March to the end of August 2017.
  • Entrants should also provide electronic versions of material on disc in PDF format
  • Signed entry form

Audio files

  • ONE standard audio CD of the report/s and a copy of transcripts (where possible).
  • The audio CD MUST BE compatible with all computer operating systems and CD players.  Please test audio CD on both PC and MAC to ensure compatibly. Unreadable CDs will not be accepted.
  • Label each Audio CD with your entry number and name
  • We can also accept entry material via Sound Cloud or other hosted streaming audio service.
  • Please enter the full URL /web link into the Heading/Report Title box on the entry detail page
  • Please ensure the audio file will be accessible to other listeners (judges) and downloadable and is not ‘private’ or ‘blocked’.
  • Label each CD with your entry number and name
  • Signed entry form

Photography Files

  • Entries should be submitted on USB sticks or CDs
  • We do also accept file transfers
  • Images should be in an uncompressed TIFF 10-15MB file size for printing. No cloning, montaging or digital manipulation other than cropping, ‘digital spotting’, burning and dodging is permitted.
  • Photographic entrants must certify that entry/ies may be exhibited in any display organised by the Walkley Foundation. Copyright holders will be acknowledged


Still have questions? Please contact either