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The Walkleys is supported by media organisations, businesses, journalists and individuals who are passionate about a robust and independent media.

Almost 60 years ago, Ampol founder Sir William Gaston Walkley laid the bedrock for the Walkley Foundation for Journalism by leaving a $30,000 bequest in his will to create the Walkley Awards to reward the best efforts in Australian business journalism. Sir Walkley died in 1976, but his legacy is a permanent association with excellence in journalism through the awards that still bear his name, administered by the not-for-profit Walkley Foundation.

In the United States, the generous support of philanthropists has allowed new models for investigative journalism to flourish beyond the demands of the news cycle while encouraging excellence in the field.

In Australia, the Walkley Foundation continues to lead the development of journalism-focused philanthropy. Whether you’re an individual or part of a business, your generous support will help our programs to grow.

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