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The Walkley Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Walkley Opportunity Scholarship with AAP and SBS, Nyibol Gatluak and Liam Murphy.

The Scholarship has been introduced, with support from Ampol, to address a lack of employment pathways and career opportunities for journalists from socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Australia. 

The two winners will undertake 10-week placements in Sydney in early 2024. Nyibol Gatluak will be hosted by AAP, and Liam Murphy will be hosted by SBS. Both placements will commence in early 2024 with each recipient receiving a $10,000 stipend.

Each host newsroom will provide support and guidance, including mentoring from an experienced journalist, to help the winner to:

  • Build an understanding of newsroom and production processes
  • Publish content based on merit
  • Build industry connections

Walkley Foundation CEO Shona Martyn said: “The Walkley Foundation is committed to supporting an Australian media that represents our country today with all its differences of opportunity and background. We need journalists who understand every corner of Australia from their lived experience. We are not well served as news consumers if our journalists are drawn from similar backgrounds or positions of privilege. This new Opportunity Scholarship is an excellent foot-in-the-door for two impressive young journalists. The quality of entries was high and all who were shortlisted for interview are to be commended. I look forward to their future success.”

Ampol Managing Director and CEO, Matt Halliday said: “Journalists and the media play a critical role in shaping society today and tomorrow, which is why it’s so important to nurture and invest in our media commentators of the future.

“Congratulations to the two deserving recipients of the Walkley Opportunity Scholarship. We hope they make the most of this brilliant opportunity as they undertake their respective placements.”

Lisa Davies, CEO of AAP, said: “Australia’s media has some work to do to truly reflect modern Australian society in the stories we tell, the communities we talk to and the journalists we encourage, so AAP is delighted to be a part of this important initiative with the Walkley Foundation. Whether it’s diversity of culture, socio-economic background or gender in the spotlight, AAP hopes programs like this one contribute significantly to greater inclusivity across the media ecosystem.” 

Mandi Wicks, Director of News and Current Affairs at SBS said: “Embracing diversity and inclusion are core to SBS’s purpose – giving a voice to all Australians and by doing so we endeavour to deepen understanding and increase social cohesion. The Walkley Opportunity Scholarship aligns with our values and purpose. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to welcoming the successful candidate and through mentoring and training, we hope to assist them on their path to a career in journalism.:

The AAP Judging panel said of Nyibol’s application: “Nyibol has demonstrated a great deal of resilience and commitment to her pursuit of a career in journalism. Her unique lived experience fuels her passion for writing about social issues and under-represented communities, and she has a track record of making the most of the opportunities available to her. AAP is thrilled to welcome Nyibol into our newsroom as the inaugural Walkley Opportunity Scholar. We have no doubt she will gain invaluable experience that will support her future success.”

The SBS Judging panel said of Liam’s application: Liam has a profound social awareness and an authentic desire to tell stories that connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Through his insights, he demonstrated critical thinking, impartiality and curiosity, all framed by a personal sensibility towards social representation. I’m convinced he’ll make the best of this opportunity as he continues paving his professional path.”

Nyibol Gatluak said: “Winning this scholarship will have an everlasting impact on my career as a journalist. It makes me feel like there is a place for me in this industry and that I can accomplish anything. It is a privilege to be able to complete my final semester while working in a newsroom with experienced Journalists at AAP in Sydney. I can’t wait to contribute to the future of ethical journalism in Australia and I am even more excited for what is to come.”

Liam said: I am grateful and deeply humbled for the opportunity to do a 10-week internship at the SBS in Sydney. The opportunity to travel interstate for the first time and gain first-hand industry experience in a professional newsroom is something I won’t take for granted. I can’t wait to dive in and utilise this scholarship to create impactful journalism and bring untold stories to light.”

For more information please contact:

 James Gorman

The Walkley Foundation Communications Manager Communications Manager


Winner biographies


Nyibol Gatluak: Nyibol Gatluak is a third-year Journalism student at Monash University. She is currently a content producer at African Australian (A2) news media page. She has interests in broadcast, digital and print journalism. Nyibol is keen to share media pertaining to minority groups and rewrite narratives. Journalism allows Nyibol to have a creative outlet — as she enjoys the process of researching stories, interviewing talent and sharing media with the broader public. She has pursued journalism with the intention of providing a voice to the voiceless in our society.




Liam Murphy: Liam Murphy is a student journalist currently in his final semester at Curtin University. Born and raised in Gosnells, on the southeastern outskirts of Perth, he has grown to be deeply passionate about telling the stories of the marginalised in our society. In the past year, Liam was selected on a scholarship to attend a two-week study tour in Singapore, which was his first time outside of WA. On this trip, he decided to write a feature article on Singapore’s public transport, comparing it to his city and highlighting possible improvements in Perth’s system. Beyond his academic pursuits, Liam continues to contribute to the Curtin Journalism website in his free time. 





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