Young Journalist of the Year Awards
Innovation in journalism

Liam Mannix (@liammannix) is a journalist at InDaily who dabbles in interactive, video and data journalism. He graduated from the University of South Australia with a double degree in journalism and international studies in 2012 before immediately being picked up by InDaily. Mannix doesn’t have any formal data journalism training – although he’s now working through a TAFE course in software development. The pieces he’s done for InDaily are the results of hours spent after work messing around with software and web apps. He hopes to pursue a career as a political reporter with the data journalism skills on the side.

Judges’ comments:

“Liam’s work is a strong demonstration of how data can be newsworthy and relevant to local audiences. ‘Bonus Points War’ shows Liam’s nose for news and tells the story with a clear narrative with great impact. The mapping of local bus data gives readers a tool to better understand his story about the future of public transport in Adelaide. His work shows a clear understanding of his audience and the story the data tells. The fact that this work was produced without the resources of a large newsroom makes it even more impressive.”