Young Journalist of the Year Awards
Innovation in journalism

Liam Mannix (@liammannix) is in his third year of journalism and is currently a trainee with The Age in Melbourne after working for two years at the Independent Daily in Adelaide. It was for his work at the Independent that he’s nominated for a Walkley Award this year.

Liam came out of the University of South Australia’s journalism program in 2012 before work experience landed him a gig at the Independent. His editor’s best advice was to ‘stir the pot’ and upset the status quo – something he’s been trying to do ever since.

Liam’s interest in data journalism has come from looking enviously at the work of the New York Times and the Guardian. His data work covers a wide variety of topics, from the silly to the serious.

Judges’ comments:

“Liam Mannix demonstrated strong writing and research skills and combined them with a willingness to use data journalism to tell the story. His data visualisations were not only compelling for the readers, but highly relevant to the stories he was aiming to tell. He did what the best journalists do – he put in all the hard work himself so complex stories were easy for the reader to understand.”