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For Trace: The Informer, Rachael Brown and Josie Taylor spent 18 months collecting stories from those in Nicola Gobbo’s orbit. Taylor landed interviews with gangland players and lawyers, while Brown’s coverage of the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants enabled her to share case studies of aggrieved former clients, covert police recordings and secret documents.

Brown caught multiple flights to a secret overseas location to interview Gobbo, while ensuring she didn’t leave any bread crumbs. Supporting interviews were gathered via an encrypted messaging app. The interviews are woven through the podcast, painting a detailed portrait of a woman accused of being the greatest threat to Victorian justice.

Rachael Brown is the creator and host of the ABC’s first true-crime podcast, Trace. Since joining the ABC in 2002, she has held several postings, including Europe Correspondent from 2010 to 2013. She won the Walkley for Best Radio Current Affairs Report in 2008. The first season of Trace won the 2017 Walkley for Innovation.

Josie Taylor has reported on crime and politics for the ABC since 2003, including covering Melbourne’s gangland war, and worked for Insiders before becoming state political reporter in 2009. She hosted current affairs show 730 Victoria from 2011 to 2014 and worked for the National Reporting Team until 2016.

Tim Roxburgh is supervising producer of some of the ABC’s most popular podcasts, including Trace, The Eleventh and four seasons of the award-winning true-crime series, Unravel. He is also supervising producer of the ABC’s investigative audio program, Background Briefing.

Martin Peralta is an audio engineer, digital producer and sound designer, working across RN programs and ABC podcasts. He worked on SBS’s My Grandmother’s Lingo, which won a Webby Award, an SXSW Interactive Innovation Award and the Walkley Award for Multimedia Storytelling.

Judges’ comments:

Rachael Brown got the interview everyone wanted – Nicola Gobbo. Trace: The Informer allowed the whole story of Lawyer X to click into place by letting Australians hear from the woman at its very heart. An impressive piece of exclusive journalism.