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Television/Video: Current Affairs Short (Less Than 20 Minutes)

Ali Rae filmed, edited, produced and presented the series “All Hail the Algorithm” for Al Jazeera English, with the aim of helping audiences understand algorithms as a part of our modern infrastructure.

The series tackled some big challenges in making complex content accessible and engaging for TV and online audiences. How do you film a story that makes the invisible visible? Rae filmed all the interviews herself and used a DJI Osmo camera to shoot pieces to camera in a vlogger style, breaking down the barriers between presenter and audience. She also worked with an animator to present abstract concepts clearly in visual form.

Ali Rae is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker at Al Jazeera English. She has covered stories in Latin America, Southern Africa and the Middle East. Rae is the presenter of “All Hail the Algorithm”, a five-part series exploring the impact of algorithms, biometrics and big data on our everyday lives.

Judges’ comments:

“An expertly crafted series that explained very complex issues in an engaging and informative way. The use of animations and graphics, and the way Ali Rae delivered her pieces to camera using an Osmo camera in a “selfie” style, made the stories accessible and interesting to a wide audience. Rae managed to bring together complex and apparently disparate topics into a global perspective for maximum impact — clear storytelling revealing her deep investigation into the world of the algorithm.”