Orphans of ISIS


Four Corners, ABC TV




Television/Video: Current Affairs Long (More Than 20 Minutes)

Suzanne Dredge has been a producer with ABC Investigations for eight years. Prior to this, she worked at Koori Radio in Sydney. This is her second Walkley Award.

Dylan Welch is a reporter for ABC Investigations. Previously, he was a journalist at 7.30, chief correspondent in Afghanistan for Reuters and national security correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. This is his first Walkley Award.

David Maguire is an award-winning cinematographer with more than 30 years’ experience as a director of photography in documentaries, drama, reality TV and film. He has most recently worked with Four Corners and ABC Investigations in Syria.

Janine Cohen has helped create hundreds of Four Corners episodes over 25 years with the show. She produced the Walkley Award-winning “Who Killed Mr Ward?” (2009).

Judges’ comments:

“Orphans of ISIS” was a genuine scoop that used exclusive access and footage to document a desperate journey.