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Recognising that social media is where younger audiences get their news, Jan Fran created “The Frant” as an online opinion and analysis series that lives on the internet.

It tackles social and political issues with a deft mix of research and comic timing, aimed at an engaged millennial audience. For these videos, often turned around within a single day, she is the sole writer and also directs performance, delivery, pace, visuals, graphics, framing, music and the overall edit.

In her entry, Fran’s three pieces tackle the gender pay gap, the merit myth, and biased reporting after the Christchurch massacre. The latter was viewed five million times on social media.

Jan Fran is an award-winning journalist and TV presenter best known for hosting The Feed on SBS VICELAND, Medicine or Myth? on SBS, The Project on Network Ten and the podcasts Sexism and the City and The Few Who Do. Fran has shot and produced documentaries from all over the world for TV networks and brands and has appeared as a commentator on Q&A, News Breakfast, Paul Murray Live, Studio 10, The Latest, The Today Show, Insiders, The Drum and Triple J’s Hack.

Judges’ comments:

“Smart, original and brave commentary. Jan Fran’s online opinion videos, known as “The Frant”, are original, engaging and daring. She has met her audience of engaged young people where they live — on social media — and is arming them with the facts they need to build a better world. It’s thought-provoking and refreshing..”