Nikon Community/Regional Prize


Illawarra Mercury

Sylvia Liber

“Strength and Resilience”

Sylvia Liber said: “From a dramatic weather occurrence to the extremes of the human emotions, to shooting with compassion and care as well as courage and no fear. It’s capturing these moments that inspires and excites me every day.”

Sylvia Liber has been a passionate visual storyteller at the Illawarra Mercury for more than 20 years. As a regional photojournalist, she spends her workdays covering a variety of assignments from a simple weather photo to the extremes of human emotions. In recent years, Liber has been shooting underwater portraits and is now addicted. It’s capturing these raw and diverse moments that inspires her every day. Her accolades include four other Nikon-Walkley Prizes.

Judges’ comments

“Sylvia Liber’s body of work highlights the diversity of her range. Covering major events as well as personal stories, her work demonstrates the intimacy and trust a regional photographer can build with their community.”