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Unravel: Blood on the Tracks
Australian Story: Blood on the Tracks

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following story contains references to deceased persons.

I was just like, “Everyone should know this story, everyone should be behind this family.” And I really felt that if Mark was not Indigenous and it was about a non-Indigenous person, people would know much more about the case.

I really wanted to work with Aboriginal people, because I’d been working with white people all my career, so I was like, “Oh, I would love to do that, to work with actual mob.”

I take a lot of inspiration from people working in film, because I have a lot of mates who are screenwriters and producers, and they refer to it obviously as their craft, but they’re constantly honing their skills and learning, and I think we should do that in our industry as well.

They’d had white journalists before come in and use Mark’s story just to get maybe a byline, and that felt really seedy and I obviously didn’t want to do that to them. So from the beginning, I was like, “If I’m promising you I’ll stick with it, I will stick with it.”

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I think journalism has a very special place in terms of being able to rewrite those historical wrongs, and there is an appetite for it.


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