Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism

November, 29, 2017 — ​Fairfax Media’s Michael Bachelard and Kate Geraghty have won the Gold Walkley Award​ for their extraordinary work, “Surviving IS: Stories of Mosul”.

You can read the full list of  2017 Walkley winners HERE

The Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism are presented annually in Australia to recognise and reward the best in the craft. Finalists are selected by eminent journalists and photographers and overall winners judged by the Walkley Advisory Board.

After a review of our awards program, we have updated the Walkleys for 2017. Think evolution, not revolution: We aim to reflect an exciting new era in Australian media, from new storytelling forms to how journalists are working.

After a thorough review, we’ve bid farewell to some categories and added others, made our openness to digital work more explicit, and expanded or refined those we felt weren’t making our goals for the awards clear. Our two-tiered judging process remains mostly unchanged.

Read our overview of what’s changing in 2017 in the Walkley Magazine and — whether you’re a longtime entrant or a newbie, make sure you review the new category descriptions, updated terms and conditions and FAQs before you enter.

About the Walkley Awards

The awards cover all media, including print, television, radio, photographic and online media. They can be regarded as the Australian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prizes. The Walkleys have grown organically over the years, expanding to encompass the changing nature of the media industry and innovation in the craft. The 34 categories awarded in 2014 embraced multimedia storytelling, news and feature writing; artwork, cartoons and photography; radio and TV reporting and interviewing; business, international and sport, indigenous affairs, social commentary and investigative journalism. More than 1400 entries were received. The Walkleys also recognise excellence in long form journalism through the Walkley Book and Documentary awards. The Gold Walkley is the most prestigious award, chosen from all category winners.

The overall Walkley Awards exist to recognise “creative and courageous acts of journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight to an issue”. They reward excellence, independence, innovation and originality in storytelling and distinctive reporting. This can be through research and investigations, well-crafted and innovative presentations, news-breaking single stories and engaging, entertaining and/or informative reporting.

All entries must have been published, broadcast or televised in Australia in the 12 months from Sept. 1, 2016, to Aug. 31, 2017.

General criteria in assessing entries include:

  • How the story was initiated and followed (with particular credit given for instigating or finding a story)
  • Newsworthiness, including exclusivity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Research and investigation
  • Balance, accuracy and ethics
  • Consideration of the resources available
  • Consideration of production pressures, deadlines and time constraints
  • Demonstration of best use of the format/s in which the work was published or broadcast, including clever choices in storytelling through multimedia
  • Excellence in written or verbal communication and/or technical and production skill
  • Public impact or benefit, including audience engagement and serving specific communities

The Nikon-Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism recognise visual journalists producing still photography for any platform. Criteria include storytelling, courage, public impact, creativity, innovative use of technology, technical ability and resourcefulness and can include soundslides and photofilm.

Outstanding Contribution to Journalism (chosen by the Walkley Trustees): Recognises the achievements of a person or group for outstanding or enduring commitment to the highest standards of journalism. Each year, the Trustees recognise the achievements of a person or group that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the highest standards of journalism – truth, rigour, integrity, fairness – over a lifetime. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Walkley Awards, please contact awards manager Lauren Dixon / 02 9333 0913 or Barbara Blackman / 02 9333 0921.

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Key dates for the 2017 Walkley Awards

  • Entries open: Wednesday July 1
  • Entries close: Midnight on Thursday, Aug. 31 
  • Nikon-Walkley and Documentary Award finalists announced: Thursday, Oct. 12
  • Business finalists announced: Tuesday, Oct. 17
  • General Finalists announced: Thursday, Oct. 19
  • Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism: Wednesday Nov 29 – Brisbane 

Congratulations to the 2017 Walkley Award finalists! 

2017 Walkley Award Finalists
2017 Nikon-Walkley Finalists

Congratulations to the 2016 Walkley Award winners!

Andrew Quilty receives the 2016 Gold Walkley.

Andrew Quilty receives the 2016 Gold Walkley.

Photojournalist Andrew Quilty won the Gold Walkley, as well as the News Photography category and the Photo of the Year, for his work documenting the ravages of war in Afghanistan. “Quilty is a standout. What he does is extraordinary — it’s global in impact,” judges said. Read the full tribute

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2016 general finalists
2016 Nikon-Walkley photography finalists

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