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The Walkley Foundation honoured its 2020 Mid-Year Celebration of Journalism winners through a virtual lens last Wednesday June 17, awarding the Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards as well as specialist reporting categories including the June Andrews Award for Industrial Relations Reporting, June Andrews Award for Freelance Journalist of the Year, June Andrews Award for Women’s Leadership in Media, Our Watch Award, Media Diversity Australia Award, June Andrews Award for Arts Journalism and The Pascall Prize for Arts Criticism.

Hosting the Mid-Year Celebration of Journalism as virtual event for the first time meant that the winners didn’t get their onstage speech moment, but we caught up with them online afterwards to get their take on winning an award and their views on journalism in 2020.

Click play above to watch a highlight reel from the virtual awards ceremony and interviews with all the winners, and find out all the 2020 winners here


View our 2020 Mid-Year Celebration of Journalism program here.

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