“City of Ghosts”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Aaron Hollett

“Corruption concerns at one of Australia’s biggest councils”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Alexandra Blucher and Mark Willacy

Don Burke Investigation

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Lorna Knowles, Kate McClymont, Tracey Spicer, Alison Branley and ABC and Fairfax Team

Various Stories

All Media: Commentary

Mark Riley

“The Teacher's Pet”

2018 Gold Walkley Award

All Media: Investigative Journalism

Hedley Thomas and Slade Gibson

“I Am That Girl”

All Media: Public Service Journalism

Louise Milligan, Sashka Koloff, Mary Fallon and Lucy Carter

"Deaths Inside: Indigenous deaths in custody"

All Media: Innovation

Guardian Australia Team


All Media: Headline, Caption or Hook

Anthony De Ceglie and Brad Clifton

“Unravel: Blood on the Tracks”, “Australian Story: Blood on the Tracks”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Allan Clarke and Yale Macgillivray, with Team Unravel True Crime

“The Big Dry”

All Media: Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Belinda-Jane Davis

“Naked City”

Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Walkley Winner

John Silvester

“Bleed them dry until they die”

Investigative Journalism Walkley Winners

Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert and Klaus Toft

“The Domino's pizza expose”

Business Journalism Walkley Winners

Adele Ferguson and Mario Christodoulou

““Commonwealth Bank Scandal—accused of 53,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and terror financing laws” ”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Peter Ryan

“Ley of the Land”

Scoop of the Year

Annika Smethurst

“Surviving IS: Stories from Mosul”

Production Walkley Winners

The Fairfax Multimedia Team

“Low Cost Housing, London”

Cartoon Walkley Winner

Cathy Wilcox

“Western Force Saga”

Sports Journalism Walkley Winner

Jamie Pandaram

“Demanding Justice: Marshall Wallace, BushMob and Stolen Generation 2”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs Walkley Winner

Jane Bardon

“The Sorrow on Cabbage Tree Road”

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs Walkley Winner

Carrie Fellner