“From The Heart”

All Media: Cartoon & Artwork

Jon Kudelka

“The Big Fix”

All Media: Sports Journalism

Leo Schlink

“I Am That Girl”

All Media: Production

Four Corners Production Team

“Bundle of Joyce”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Sharri Markson, Christopher Dore and Kylar Loussikian

“Rohingya Refugee Crisis”

All Media: Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Drew Ambrose, Karishma Vyas and Liz Gooch

“Breaking Big Un”

All Media: Business Journalism

Jonathan Shapiro

“City of Ghosts”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Aaron Hollett

“Corruption concerns at one of Australia’s biggest councils”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Alexandra Blucher and Mark Willacy

Don Burke Investigation

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Lorna Knowles, Kate McClymont, Tracey Spicer, Alison Branley and ABC and Fairfax Team

Various Stories

All Media: Commentary

Mark Riley

“The Teacher's Pet”

2018 Golden Walkley Award

All Media: Investigative Journalism

Hedley Thomas and Slade Gibson

“I Am That Girl”

All Media: Public Service Journalism

Louise Milligan, Sashka Koloff, Mary Fallon and Lucy Carter

"Deaths Inside: Indigenous deaths in custody"

All Media: Innovation

Guardian Australia Team


All Media: Headline, Caption or Hook

Anthony De Ceglie and Brad Clifton

“Unravel: Blood on the Tracks”, “Australian Story: Blood on the Tracks”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Allan Clarke and Yale Macgillivray, with Team Unravel True Crime

“The Big Dry”

All Media: Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Belinda-Jane Davis

ADFA Skype scandal

All Media: Best Scoop of the Year

Matt Moran and Hugh Riminton

“Simon Cowley”, “Nick D’Arcy” and “Matthew Johns”

All Media: Broadcast and Online Interviewing

Tracy Grimshaw

“The Speight Coup”

All Media: Television News Reporting

Hugh Riminton