“The father, the son and the Hillary ghost”

Headline, Caption or Hook

Michael Nolan


Innovation Winners

Rachael Brown, Jeremy Story Carte and Jesse Cox

“Living a Nightmare”

Public Service Journalism Winner

Joanne McCarthy

“Sold Out: Australia's biggest wages scandal”

Social Equity Journalism

Ben Schneiders, Royce Millar and Nick Toscano

“My Grandmother's Lingo”

Multimedia Storytelling

SBS Online Team


Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Dan Box, Eric George and Stephen Fitzpatrick

“The Foam and the Fury”

Coverage of Community or Regional Affairs

Newcastle Herald Staff Reporters

Adrian Proszenko


Mark Knight

“New Clothes”

David Rowe

“The Parramatta Eels NRL Scandal”

Scoop of the Year

Nick Tabakoff

“2016 Election Coverage”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Sky News Team

“Thirst Degree Murder”,

Matthew Quagliotto


Walkley Camerawork Award

Andy Taylor

“Bankstown Hospital”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual News Reporting Award

Chris O’Keefe

“Politics, the planet and the personal”

Walkley Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Award

Greg Jericho

“Money for Nothing”

Walkley Business and Investigative Award

Adele Ferguson, Klaus Toft and Mario Christodoulou

“Jackson and Lawler”

Walkley Interview Award

Caro Meldrum-Hanna

“Come and Get Me”

All Media: Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Peter Hartcher

“The Fixer”

All Media: Interview

David Speers