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How to make a complaint to the Walkley Foundation


1. What to do if you have a complaint

1.1 To lodge a complaint about an award, please outline it in writing and send it to

1.1 You should set out:

(a) what your complaint concerns, including details of any publication or other matter the
subject of your complaint;
(b) if possible, attach a copy of any relevant documentation;
(c) your own interest or connection. Are you, for example, an applicant, editor, subject of
the story, member of the public?;
(d) your full name and contact details.

2. What happens next?

2.1 Complaints will be acknowledged within 5 business days and a contact will be provided in
relation to the complaint.

2.2 The Walkley Foundation will try to ensure that all relevant parties are given a fair and equal
opportunity to respond before action is taken.

2.3 The Walkley Foundation will notify you of the outcome of your complaint

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