“Only The Dead”

Walkley Documentary Award

Michael Ware, Justine A. Rosenthal, Patrick McDonald, Bill Guttentag, Jane Moran

“Journalistic Leadership”

Debi Marshall

“Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism”

Trevor Sykes

“The Straight Dope”

Walkley Book Award

Chip Le Grand

“Come and Get Me”

All Media: Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Peter Hartcher

“Lindt Cafe Siege”

TV/AV: News Reporting

Chris Reason

“The Fixer”

All Media: Interview

David Speers

“Catching A Monster”

TV/AV: Weekly Current Affairs

Tara Brown and Rebecca Le Tourneau

“People Smuggler Cash Payments”

International Journalism

Jewel Topsfield, Sarah Whyte, David Wroe, Amilia Rosa and Karuni Rompies

“Kennedy Hill”

Feature/Photography Essay

Ingetje Tadros

“7 Eleven: The Price of Convenience”

Business Journalism

Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert and Klaus Toft

“Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege”

News Photography

Rob Griffith

“The Ghosts of Murray Street”

Feature Writing Short Walkley Winner

Trent Dalton

“Villawood: Notes from an Immigration Detention Centre”

Artwork Walkley Award Winner

Safdar Ahmed

“Lindt Cafe Siege”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Seven News Team

“Jihad Me at Hello”

Headline Journalism

Sean Keeley

“Charlie Hebdo”


David Pope

“Bronwyn Bishop's Chopper Scandal”

Scoop of the Year

Annika Smethurst

“When a Game Becomes Life and Death”

Sports Journalism

Chris Garry

“Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State”

Feature Writing Long (Over 4,000 words)

David Kilcullen