“Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell”

Walkley Book Award

Louise Milligan

“Bitter Deal”

Television/Video Current Affairs Long Walkley Winners

Tara Brown, Grace Tobin and Sean Power

“A Sense of Self”

Walkley Documentary Winners

Martin Butler, Liz Jackson, Bentley Dean and Tania Nehme

“Naked City”

Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Walkley Winner

John Silvester

“Bleed them dry until they die”

Investigative Journalism Walkley Winners

Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert and Klaus Toft

“Malcolm Naden confession”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short Walkley Winner

Dimitry Clancey

“Six days in Somliland”

Television/Video: News Reporting Walkley Winner

Sally Sara

“Lion Heart Leo”

Photographic Essay Walkley Winner

Sam Ruttyn

“The Fight”

Camerawork Walkley Winner

Daniel Fallshaw

“The Domino's pizza expose”

Business Journalism Walkley Winners

Adele Ferguson and Mario Christodoulou

“Don't Shoot”

News Photographer Winner

Justin Brierty

““Commonwealth Bank Scandal—accused of 53,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and terror financing laws” ”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Peter Ryan

“Ley of the Land”

Scoop of the Year

Annika Smethurst

“Surviving IS: Stories from Mosul”

Production Walkley Winners

The Fairfax Multimedia Team

“The Messenger”

Radio/Audio Feature Walkley Winners

Michael Green and the Behind the Wire/Wheeler Centre Team

“The war on Islamic State”

News & Current Affairs Walkley Winner

Matt Brown


Sport Photography

Scott Barbour

“Low Cost Housing, London”

Cartoon Walkley Winner

Cathy Wilcox

“Western Force Saga”

Sports Journalism Walkley Winner

Jamie Pandaram

“Demanding Justice: Marshall Wallace, BushMob and Stolen Generation 2”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs Walkley Winner

Jane Bardon