Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism

Sue Spencer

“How to Sell a Massacre”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Al Jazeera Investigations Unit

“The Ibrahim Tapes”

All Media: Production

Fadzil Hamzah

“The Ghosts of Wittenoom”

Radio/Audio: Feature

Kirsti Melville

“The Survivors of ISIS”

Radio/Audio: News and Current Affairs

Adam Harvey

“Invictus Games 2018”

Sport Photography

Craig Golding

“Caught Out: Cricket's Inflated Player Numbers Revealed”

All Media: Sports Journalism

Malcolm Knox and Nigel Gladstone

“Christchurch Fern”

All Media: Cartoon & Artwork

Pat Campbell

“Dirty Deeds”

All Media: Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Donna Page and Nick Bielby

“The Killing Times”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Lorena Allam, Guardian Australia Team and the University of Newcastle’s Colonial Frontier Massacres Project

“Counting down the days in God's waiting room””

Print/Text: Feature Writing Short

Mick Barnes

“A Nagging Doubt: The Retrial of David Eastman”

Print/Text Feature Writing Long

Sam Vincent

“Time to Haul Ass”

All Media: Headline, Caption or Hook

Baz McAlister

“Satellite Storytelling”

All Media: Innovation

Mark Doman and ABC News Digital Team

“Who Cares?”

All Media: Public Service Journalism

Anne Connolly, Mary Fallon and Patricia Drum

“Guthrie ordered to sack top ABC reporter”

Print/Text: News Report

Michael Koziol and Jennifer Duke

“From The Heart”

All Media: Cartoon & Artwork

Jon Kudelka

“The Big Fix”

All Media: Sports Journalism

Leo Schlink

Various Stories

Radio/Audio: News & Current Affairs

Jane Bardon

“Lost in Larrimah”

Radio/Audio: Feature

Kylie Stevenson, Caroline Graham and Eric George