“City of Ghosts”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Aaron Hollett

“Corruption concerns at one of Australia’s biggest councils”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Alexandra Blucher and Mark Willacy

Don Burke Investigation

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Lorna Knowles, Kate McClymont, Tracey Spicer, Alison Branley and ABC and Fairfax Team

“Out of the Dark”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Long

Four Corners Team

“Bitter Deal”

Television/Video Current Affairs Long Walkley Winners

Tara Brown, Grace Tobin and Sean Power

“Malcolm Naden confession”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short Walkley Winner

Dimitry Clancey

“Six days in Somliland”

Television/Video: News Reporting Walkley Winner

Sally Sara

“The Fight”

Camerawork Walkley Winner

Daniel Fallshaw


Walkley Camerawork Award

Andy Taylor

“State of Fear”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual Current Affairs Award

Linton Besser, Louie Eroglu, Jaya Balendra and Elise Worthington

“Lindt Cafe Siege”

TV/AV: News Reporting

Chris Reason

“The Speight Coup”

All Media: Television News Reporting

Hugh Riminton