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Walkley Award Winners

The Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism are presented annually in Australia to recognise and reward the best in the craft. Finalists are selected by eminent journalists and photographers and overall winners judged by the Walkley Judging Board.

The awards cover all media and have grown organically over the years, expanding to encompass the changing nature of the media industry and innovation in journalism. More than 1300 entries are received each year across 30 categories. The Walkleys also recognise excellence in longform journalism through the Walkley Book and Documentary awards. The Gold Walkley is the most prestigious award, chosen from all category winners.

The Walkley Awards exist to recognise “creative and courageous acts of journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight to an issue”. They reward excellence, independence, innovation and originality in storytelling and distinctive reporting. This can be through research and investigations, well-crafted and innovative presentations, news-breaking single stories and engaging, entertaining and/or informative reporting.

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Jon Kudelka

“From The Heart”

All Media: Cartoon & Artwork

Leo Schlink

“The Big Fix”

All Media: Sports Journalism

Jane Bardon

Various Stories

Radio/Audio: News & Current Affairs

Kylie Stevenson, Caroline Graham and Eric George

“Lost in Larrimah”

Radio/Audio: Feature

Four Corners Production Team

“I Am That Girl”

All Media: Production

Sharri Markson, Christopher Dore and Kylar Loussikian

“Bundle of Joyce”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Drew Ambrose, Karishma Vyas and Liz Gooch

“Rohingya Refugee Crisis”

All Media: Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Jonathan Shapiro

“Breaking Big Un”

All Media: Business Journalism

Aaron Hollett

“City of Ghosts”

Television/Video: Camerawork

Alexandra Blucher and Mark Willacy

“Corruption concerns at one of Australia’s biggest councils”

Television/Video: News Reporting

Lorna Knowles, Kate McClymont, Tracey Spicer, Alison Branley and ABC and Fairfax Team

Don Burke Investigation

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short

Four Corners Team

“Out of the Dark”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Long

Evan Williams, Eve Lucas and Georgina Davies

“Myanmar's Killing Fields”

Walkley Documentary Award

Mark Riley

Various Stories

All Media: Commentary

Helen Pitt

“The House”

Walkley Book Award

Louise Milligan, Sashka Koloff, Mary Fallon and Lucy Carter

“I Am That Girl”

All Media: Public Service Journalism

Guardian Australia Team

"Deaths Inside: Indigenous deaths in custody"

All Media: Innovation

Anthony De Ceglie and Brad Clifton


All Media: Headline, Caption or Hook

James Button

“Angels or Arrogant Gods: Dutton, Immigration and the Triumph of Border Protection”

Print/Text Feature Writing Long

Allan Clarke and Yale Macgillivray, with Team Unravel True Crime

“Unravel: Blood on the Tracks”, “Australian Story: Blood on the Tracks”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Belinda-Jane Davis

“The Big Dry”

All Media: Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Louise Milligan

“Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell”

Walkley Book Award

Tara Brown, Grace Tobin and Sean Power

“Bitter Deal”

Television/Video Current Affairs Long Walkley Winners

Martin Butler, Liz Jackson, Bentley Dean and Tania Nehme

“A Sense of Self”

Walkley Documentary Winners

John Silvester

“Naked City”

Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Walkley Winner

Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert and Klaus Toft

“Bleed them dry until they die”

Investigative Journalism Walkley Winners

Dimitry Clancey

“Malcolm Naden confession”

Television/Video: Current Affairs Short Walkley Winner

Sally Sara

“Six days in Somliland”

Television/Video: News Reporting Walkley Winner

Sam Ruttyn

“Lion Heart Leo”

Photographic Essay Walkley Winner

Daniel Fallshaw

“The Fight”

Camerawork Walkley Winner

Adele Ferguson and Mario Christodoulou

“The Domino's pizza expose”

Business Journalism Walkley Winners

Justin Brierty

“Don't Shoot”

News Photographer Winner

Peter Ryan

““Commonwealth Bank Scandal—accused of 53,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and terror financing laws” ”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Annika Smethurst

“Ley of the Land”

Scoop of the Year

The Fairfax Multimedia Team

“Surviving IS: Stories from Mosul”

Production Walkley Winners

Michael Green and the Behind the Wire/Wheeler Centre Team

“The Messenger”

Radio/Audio Feature Walkley Winners

Matt Brown

“The war on Islamic State”

News & Current Affairs Walkley Winner

Scott Barbour


Sport Photography

Cathy Wilcox

“Low Cost Housing, London”

Cartoon Walkley Winner

Jamie Pandaram

“Western Force Saga”

Sports Journalism Walkley Winner

Jane Bardon

“Demanding Justice: Marshall Wallace, BushMob and Stolen Generation 2”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs Walkley Winner

Carrie Fellner

“The Sorrow on Cabbage Tree Road”

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs Walkley Winner

Michael Nolan

“The father, the son and the Hillary ghost”

Headline, Caption or Hook

Rachael Brown, Jeremy Story Carte and Jesse Cox


Innovation Winners

Joanne McCarthy

“Living a Nightmare”

Public Service Journalism Winner

Michael Bachelard and Kate Geraghty

“Surviving IS: Stories of Mosul”

Gold Walkley Winners

Andrew Quilty

“The Man on the Operating Table”


Alex Coppel

Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year

Ben Schneiders, Royce Millar and Nick Toscano

“Sold Out: Australia's biggest wages scandal”

Social Equity Journalism

SBS Online Team

“My Grandmother's Lingo”

Multimedia Storytelling

Dan Box, Eric George and Stephen Fitzpatrick


Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Newcastle Herald Staff Reporters

“The Foam and the Fury”

Coverage of Community or Regional Affairs

Sophie McNeill and Fouad Abu Gosh

“Voices from Besieged Syria”

Radio News and Current Affairs Journalism

Dan Box and Eric George

“Bowraville Podcast”

Documentary, Feature, Podcast or Special

Cameron Spencer

“The Defining Moment”

Sport Photography Award

Adrian Proszenko

Mark Knight


David Rowe

“New Clothes”

Nick Tabakoff

“The Parramatta Eels NRL Scandal”

Scoop of the Year

Sky News Team

“2016 Election Coverage”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Matthew Quagliotto

“Thirst Degree Murder”,

Sophie McNeill, Aaron Hollett, Mark Corcoran and Matt Walker

“Yemen: The War on Children”

International Journalism

David Maurice Smith

“Refugee Crisis in the Balkans”

Feature/Photographic Essay

Andy Taylor


Walkley Camerawork Award

Anne Connolly, Suzanne Smith and Lesley Robinson

“Anglican Church Paedophile Ring”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual Daily Current Affairs

Linton Besser, Louie Eroglu, Jaya Balendra and Elise Worthington

“State of Fear”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual Current Affairs Award

Chris O’Keefe

“Bankstown Hospital”

Walkley Television/Audio Visual News Reporting Award

Greg Jericho

“Politics, the planet and the personal”

Walkley Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique Award

Adele Ferguson, Klaus Toft and Mario Christodoulou

“Money for Nothing”

Walkley Business and Investigative Award

Sarah Ferguson, Nial Fulton and Ivan O’Mahoney

“Hitting Home”

Walkley Documentary Award

Caro Meldrum-Hanna

“Jackson and Lawler”

Walkley Interview Award

Stan Grant

Talking to My Country”

Walkley Book Award

Michael Ware, Justine A. Rosenthal, Patrick McDonald, Bill Guttentag, Jane Moran

“Only The Dead”

Walkley Documentary Award

Debi Marshall

“Journalistic Leadership”

Trevor Sykes

“Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism”

Chip Le Grand

“The Straight Dope”

Walkley Book Award

Peter Hartcher

“Come and Get Me”

All Media: Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Chris Reason

“Lindt Cafe Siege”

TV/AV: News Reporting

David Speers

“The Fixer”

All Media: Interview

Tara Brown and Rebecca Le Tourneau

“Catching A Monster”

TV/AV: Weekly Current Affairs

Jewel Topsfield, Sarah Whyte, David Wroe, Amilia Rosa and Karuni Rompies

“People Smuggler Cash Payments”

International Journalism

Ingetje Tadros

“Kennedy Hill”

Feature/Photography Essay

Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert and Klaus Toft

“7 Eleven: The Price of Convenience”

Business Journalism

Rob Griffith

“Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege”

News Photography

Safdar Ahmed

“Villawood: Notes from an Immigration Detention Centre”

Artwork Walkley Award Winner

Seven News Team

“Lindt Cafe Siege”

Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Sean Keeley

“Jihad Me at Hello”

Headline Journalism

David Pope

“Charlie Hebdo”


Annika Smethurst

“Bronwyn Bishop's Chopper Scandal”

Scoop of the Year

Chris Garry

“When a Game Becomes Life and Death”

Sports Journalism

Phil Hillyard

“One Moment in Time”

Sport Photography

Hagar Cohen

“Left in Harm's Way”

Radio/Audio: Documentary, Feature, Podcast or Special

Mark Willacy and Mark Solomons


Radio News and Current Affairs Journalism

Emma Field

“Foreign Worker Exploitation Exposed”

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Stan Grant

“Stan Grant Columns”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Huw Parkinson

“The Breakfast Club Season”

All Media: Multimedia Storytelling

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Gary Ramage

“Ice Nation”

Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year

Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year

Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Sam Clark and Max Murch

“Making a Killing”

Gold Walkley Winners

Sarah Dingle

“The Salvos: A matter of trust”

Radio/Audio: Documentary, Feature, Podcast or Special

Hayden Cooper

“Journalism on Trial”

Radio/Audio: News & Current Affairs

Michael Brissenden, Ewen MacAskill and Lenore Taylor

“Australia’s spy agencies targeted Indonesian president’s mobile phone”

All Media: Scoop of the Year

Ben Smee

“Chasing the circus: a year of chaos and scandal in Territory politics”

All Media: Coverage of Community & Regional Affairs

Paul Daley

“Why does the War Memorial Ignore Frontier War?”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

SBS Online Team

“Cronulla riots - the day that shocked the nation”

All Media: Multimedia Storytelling

Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou

“Banking Bad”

2014 Gold Walkley

Matt Moran and Hugh Riminton

ADFA Skype scandal

All Media: Best Scoop of the Year

Tracy Grimshaw

“Simon Cowley”, “Nick D’Arcy” and “Matthew Johns”

All Media: Broadcast and Online Interviewing

Hugh Riminton

“The Speight Coup”

All Media: Television News Reporting